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Copy Experts
is a leading  provider of Full Color Copies online.

Copy Experts provides Full Color Copies that create interest and generate sales by attractively and graphically providing information about your business and displaying your products or services.

Full Color Copies from Copy Experts are a great tool for listing important information that you want to keep at your customers’ fingertips. 

All of Copy Experts products, are the highest level of output with printing that will exceed your expectations, while helping you impress prospective customers with an original and unique color copy design!
Color Copies Product Options

Size: 5.5" X 8.5", 8.5" X 11", 8.5" X 14", 11" X 17"
Paper: 20/50# Bright White,
24/60# Bright White, 28/70# Super Smooth Bright  White, 100# Gloss Text, 100#  Super Smooth Bright  White Cover, 100# Gloss Cover
Folding: Letter Fold (Text In), Letter Fold (Text Out), Z-Fold, Half-Fold
Inks: Full Color, Full Color 2 Sides
Type: Print Ready PDF's preferred
Total Copies
Pages in Document (Reading)
Number of Copies/Sets Needed
Finished Size
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Folding (paper only)
Proofing Method
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